Greetings to all the diligent searchers who have found my website. For years, I resisted the idea of having a website and a blog. Most writers would rather spend time in the creative process, giving birth to delightful characters and launching them into splendid adventures. But, conventional wisdom says that promotion and marketing efforts are necessary if a novel is to sell many copies.

Thankfully, over time, I became excited about this project. Carl, the corgi, whom you shall soon meet, is largely responsible for my change of heart. I hope you don’t mind seeing his footprints here and there. He’s often lax about wiping his paws on the mat when returning from an outdoor adventure.

I have often been called upon to identify my audience. For my humor book, the answer is, “Adults will most readily appreciate it, though teenagers have also enjoyed it.”

When the same question is asked of my novels, I have a harder time. Because of the length and often the age of the protagonist, the answer should be, “Children, or young adult.” But, it might be better said, “I’m writing children’s books—for adults.” I mean to say that I have written stories that children will comprehend and enjoy. But, in doing so, I have not been able to resist sprinkling in gems for adults. These are things that may not be detected by the younger readers, but will be captured by the more mature. As a reader, I greatly enjoy finding hidden jewels in a simple story.

Another way to express the idea is, “I have written children’s books that adults will ‘borrow.’” And so, young people, if your copy of my book disappears, you might find that your parents are reading it. Don’t be too harsh with them. They work hard and deserve a little enjoyment too.

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