Birthday Solution

“Carl, what do you think of my idea?”
“I think your idea woke me from my nap.”
I checked Carl’s face and found his usual jovial look. “I was telling you about how I was feeling low….”
“Feeling low? Try being a Corgi.” Carl snickered.
“January 30th was such a wonderful day. Scores of people greeted me, some breaking into song. I felt special. But now, only a few days later, everything has changed. No one is calling out, ‘Happy birthday.’ No one sings.”
“You expected something different?”
“It was over so quickly. It’s a flaw in our culture, I tell you.”
“Dogs don’t have that problem.”
A revolutionary idea popped into my mind. “I’ve got it! I’ll show you by way of a role-play. I’ll be me and you be someone else.”
“It doesn’t matter who. Now be someone else and say, “‘When is your birthday.’”
“I know when your birthday is.”
“If you’re someone else you don’t.”
Carl looked at me sideways but then said, “When is your birthday?”
“January. Now, Carl, say, ‘I mean, on what day were you born?’”
“On what day were you born?”
“January.” I beamed. “Now you see it, don’t you? Carl.”
“Dogs don’t have this problem.”
I continued, “If a person doesn’t know the exact day of your birth they will have to treat you nicely all month long, so as to not miss the actual day. A birthday will last an entire month.”
Carl looked at me serenely, then spoke, “Dog’s don’t have this problem. We’ve already solved it.”
I was mystified.
“Ever heard of ‘dog years?’”
It dawned on me. “You get more than one birthday in a human year.”
“Approximately seven.” Carl snickered, pumped a fisted paw and said, “Dogs rule.”

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