Big News


“Carl, I have big, big news.”The Five Names book cover

My pet Corgi’s expression didn’t change. “Are you referring to a post on the glob?”

“The glob?”

“You know, Bob’s glob—where you tell people about your books.”

Then I knew what he meant. “The word is ‘blog.’ I post things on, my blog/website.”

“Web site? As in the place where spiders live?” My dog shuddered.

“You have it all wrong. I’m talking about the computer.”

“Spiders live inside our computer? Quickly, the phone. I’ll call the exterminator!”

I took in a deep breath. “I’m announcing that one of my books is available on Kindle.”

“One of your books is in flames? Call the fire department!”

We weren’t making any progress so I decided to blurt it all out. “The Five Names can be read anywhere with free apps for the Kindle, or the iPhone, or Windows PC or the Mac, BlackBerry, iPad, Android, or Windows Phone 7. And the book is only $3.99!”

“$3.99?” Carl’s eyes brightened. “I might be able to afford that. How much is $3.99 in dog biscuits?”

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1 Response to Big News

  1. Congratulations, Bob – on another clever blog post and on the book launch. By the way, did you remember to thank your editor in the acknowledgments (for her dedication, tireless efforts, wise guidance that made you what you are today -you know, the usual)?

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