Carl’s Opinion of Inkie


“By the smile on your face, I assume you read The Five Names.”

Carl replied, “Loved every second of it.”

What did you think of the main character?”

“You mean Mox a Pox?” Carl snickered. “Just kidding.”

“Would you say that Inkie is staggeringly compelling, that he is the supreme character in all the history of literature, that he is the ….”

Carl cleared his throat. “He is certainly the most fright-filled Loman I have ever encountered.”

“What do you mean by that?”

“Inkie is always think-speaking things like, ‘Oh fear!’ or ‘Oh horrible terror!’”

“It’s true that, in the beginning, Inkie is easily scared. But he doesn’t stay that way. He progresses; he changes. In the end he becomes nearly strong and almost-brave.”

Carl paused, obviously contemplating my skilled analysis. Then he said, “I can relate to Inkie.”

I beamed. My book had hit its mark. Playing it cool, I said, “Really. How so?”

Carl projected his steady gaze. “I was afraid—once.”

“Only once?”

“However, I believe the book is more poignant for someone like you.”

“Well—I never!” The mere insinuation is an insult. “Are you implying that I, occasionally, experience trepidation, that I don’t always maintain a rock-solid stance in the light of difficulty? Is that what you’re saying?”

“That about covers it.”

The weighty, dog-words caved in on me. Carl was right.

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1 Response to Carl’s Opinion of Inkie

  1. Only suggestion – more pictures of Carl. Not only is he apparently braver than the author, I’m sure he’d argue that he’s better looking too. Of course, that would only be one dog’s opinion.

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