Carl, the Corgi, on Marketing

I was pondering in front of the computer screen when Carl’s voice broke in, “A dog biscuit for your thoughts.” I righted my mind and said, “As you know, The Five Names has been available Kindle for some time.”

“And a fine book it is.”

“Thank you, Carl. But, I know that simply having it accessible, in that format, isn’t the end. There is something else that must be done.”

“You mean besides feeding your loyal, Pembroke Welsh Corgi?”

“Yes, something else.”

“How could there be anything other than that? Is politics more important? Is the economy? Is the state of….”

I hated to interrupt Carl. But I knew from experience that, once rolling, he could go on a bit. “I mean publicity. We need to find ways to get the word out—let people know that this wonderful book is available.” I paused, then went with a hunch. “Carl, do you know anything about publicity?”

He replied scoffingly, “Do I know anything about publicity? Do dogs chase cats?”

“Often they do.”

“Have you never heard of the Carl and Carl Publicity Agency?”

“No. I’m sorry. I haven’t.”

“Then you’ve been out of touch. What about our famous slogan, ‘Advertizing—so easy a cave man could do it. But for a good job, hire a dog.’?”

“I think I have heard that.”

“Of course, you’ll need a spokesperson—preferably an intelligent creature…. Cute—and with an accent.”

Now I suspected where he was going. “I know you’re a Pembroke Welsh Corgi, but you were born in America and don’t have an accent.”

“I could have an accent. I can be full of buffens and bounce. What do you say, old Chap?”

I didn’t give Carl an immediate answer. I’m wondering what my reader’s opinions are. Any comments?


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1 Response to Carl, the Corgi, on Marketing

  1. I can coach Carl on his accent, that is if Welsh is the same as aristocratic British. Every great actor needs a voice coach on set, you know.

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