Carl’s Marketing Plan

Dog's paw print Dog's paw print

Dog's paw printCarl’s Marketing Plan



The other day, stickers with strange symbols appeared around the house. There was only one possible culprit. I found him in the kitchen, the evidence in his paws. “Carl, what are you doing?”

“What am I doing? Well, of course, I’m trying to open the refrigerator door. There’s a ham sandwich inside—with my name written all over it. I’m just having a little trouble getting in. Thank you for coming along to help.”

 “Are you the one responsible for the stickers all over the house—including the dozen-or-so on the fridge?”

 “Hmmm, am I the one responsible?” Carl smiled as me cheesily. “Effective, aren’t they?”

 Then I remembered that my pet Corgi had, a few days before, left me hanging, about ideas he was considering. “Does this relate to your marketing plan?”

 “Clear your mind. Prepare to be dazzled.” Dramatic seconds ticked away before Carl spoke regally, “Carl’s Paw Print of Approval!”Dog's paw print


 “Step aside, Underwriter’s Laboratory. Give way, Good Housekeeping Seal. Carl’s Paw Print of Approval has arrived.”

 I like it.

 “Imagine, Master of Mine, your book with the hallowed insignia front and center on the cover. Think of the increased sales when potential readers realize that I approve of the book—if I actually do.”

 I knew Carl had read the book and liked it. “So that’s how it’s going to be? What do you want?”

 Carl snickered. “How about that ham sandwich?”

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2 Responses to Carl’s Marketing Plan

  1. Barbara says:

    Is the paw print of approval for hire?

  2. Fun post! Carl is such a character.

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