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In the Carl Galaxy

Well, Carl finished his telescope. It turned out well—better than I expected. I shouldn’t be surprised. My Corgi has always been good with mechanical things. The real surprise came when Carl announced, “I’ve located Inkie’s planet—in the Carl Galaxy.” “You’ve … Continue reading

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Of Astronomical Importance

When I saw Carl with the coins I said, “Where did you get those?” His Corgi muscles tensed. “Are you questioning my ownership?” I wasn’t. “No, just curious.” “The contract proves that these are mine.” “What contract?” “The pet-master contract … Continue reading

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For Reading or for Construction Material

  “Carl, what have you done?”  “What do you mean?”  “This—this structure.  Carl smiled, grandly. “So you noticed my new doggy condo? Quite stylish, isn’t it?”  “But you can’t make a dog house out of my books.”  “A dog condo.” … Continue reading

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C. S. Lewis

It was something I had been wondering about for a long time. Should I risk talking to Carl? It might be painful to hear his opinion. Apparently my distress showed, for, one day recently, my Corgi asked, “Is something bothering … Continue reading

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  (The following message has received Carl’s Paw Print of Approval) After the last Bob’s Blog post I heard speculation relating to Carl’s Paw Print of Approval. The rumors addressed the question of whether or not the approval might be … Continue reading

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