(The following message has received Carl’s Paw Print of Approval)

After the last Bob’s Blog post I heard speculation relating to Carl’s Paw Print of Approval. The rumors addressed the question of whether or not the approval might be acquired in exchange for money. I asked him about the reports.

 Carl’s cheeks reddened. His lips moved, with no sound. He stomped his paws on the floor. 

 I was so proud.

 When he was finally able to speak, his tones were full of bluster and storm. “Repugnant, that’s what it is. The very thought—the idea itself—anathema.” He stomped off.

 The next day, he came to me, a piece of paper in his mouth. “This is all I have to say on the matter.” He dropped the document at my feet.

 I will now relay the contents to you, verbatim. I hope the language level doesn’t overwhelm. Carl has been studying law via a correspondence course.

 “I Carl, being of sound mind and sharp intelligence, do hereby respond to the accusations by various parties in regards to the availability of said patent-pending approval. I must categorically state that no amount of lucre could induce me to give my approval to products, persons, concepts or ideas that do not rise to the level of my personal standards. Furthermore, any individual or individuals purporting to be my representatives in related matters, who do not adhere to these standards, should be assumed to be opportunistic cads.   

 “If I, Carl Corgi, were to seek remuneration in exchange for said approval (which I do not) it would take the form of dog biscuits (not the ordinary type, premium treats with real beef nuggets) or perhaps the promise to purchase books by my favorite author, Robert Hansen.”

 I hope this clears up any confusion.

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