For Reading or for Construction Material


“Carl, what have you done?”

 “What do you mean?”

 “This—this structure.

 Carl smiled, grandly. “So you noticed my new doggy condo? Quite stylish, isn’t it?”

 “But you can’t make a dog house out of my books.”

 “A dog condo.”

 “Okay, a dog condo. But you can’t….”

 “And why not? The material is high quality and it’s plentiful, now that our first case of The Five Names, paperback version, has arrived.”

 It’s hard to argue with dog-logic, but I had to try. “The books are for people who prefer a physical copy rather than reading the story on Kindle.”

 “I understand that and I know that they can obtain this paper version by going to, selecting “books,” then searching for The Five Names. Later on, we receive a royalty check, which we use to buy dog biscuits.”

 “Among other things. But yes, it’s as simple as that.”

 “If it’s that easy, hundreds will be buying your book from Amazon.”

 I sighed. “That’s my hope.”

 “That leaves the copies we have at the house available for construction material.”

 What could I say?

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2 Responses to For Reading or for Construction Material

  1. Barbara says:

    If Carl would like to add to his condo, I have some copies of Bertie’s War I could let him have–cheap.

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