In the Carl Galaxy

Well, Carl finished his telescope. It turned out well—better than I expected. I shouldn’t be surprised. My Corgi has always been good with mechanical things. The real surprise came when Carl announced, “I’ve located Inkie’s planet—in the Carl Galaxy.”


“You’ve found his planet—in a galaxy you named after yourself—with your telescope?”


 “Looks like it. I clearly saw a town with the Fence of Protection surrounding it. I saw the Swamp of Despair and even a few gaudy Principowers. And I detected the giant anchor in the desert (unless it was a rock) and a city that likely is the city of the old Wisdom. I may even have seen Inkie’s prized mirror. I didn’t speak directly with the hero of your fine book, The Five Names, (I still have that nasty speed of light thing to solve.) but I’m working on the details for the interview.” Carl cleared his throat. “Soon we’ll know if you preserved all the facts properly.”

“Are you casting aspersions on my book?”

 “Well, at the risk of jeopardizing my nightly doggy biscuit, I must point something out. In the book’s foreword you admitted that you have never actually met Inkie.”

“It’s true. That’s why I called that section, ‘The Author’s Confession.’ But I assured our readers that I had intimate and sure knowledge of the events I recorded. They did happen.”

“And we’re supposed to take your word for it?”

“Yes, Carl the Intelligent—until I eventually reveal my source.”

Carl didn’t smile at my playful, diverting reference. His response was all business. “And that will be when?”

 I sought to defuse the challenge in his tone. “My eyewitness will be introduced in book three. But the readers may not realize it initially. Everything will be revealed in the final book in the series.”

Carl took a deep breath. I suppose the release dates of these follow-on books will depend on the progress of my marketing campaign for The Five Names.”


Carl frowned, a look that appeared unnatural, even plastic. Finally he responded in his characteristic chipper tones, “I have an idea I’ve been perfecting. Here’s the tag line. Tell me how it strikes you: ‘He is Carl—the most interesting dog in the world.’”

“I like it—but how will it promote my book?”

“I’m still working on that part.”

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2 Responses to In the Carl Galaxy

  1. Rachel H says:

    I love this post!

    I really enjoyed Carl’s work on his telescope. Upon completion, I was curious to discover what wonders he would find… wonders from your books! Awesome! This really makes me want to read them. I literally laughed out loud (not the best thing to do in a college library filled with glaring zombie students, mind you) at several parts of this most recent post, like Carl’s “plastic” frown.

    I can’t wait for your next post!

  2. Wow! NASA could use Carl. Judging from the before and after pictures, he must be and engineering genius! You’re lucky to have such an intellectual power working for you, Bob.

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