Dog Overboard

My friends, it saddens me to report that the following message has not received Carl’s Paw Print of Approval. Bear with me and you will see why this is the case.

I fear greatly for Carl. His “brain” is swelling. This image will confirm my point:

Carl commissioned this portrait of himself from one of Bob’s Blog’s subscribers. True, my book is included in the marketing portrayal. But note the position—under Carl’s foot. How symbolic. If this was the only example of Carl going overboard in the area of self-perception, I might not have worried. But look at this:

You may have already seen this poster plastered about town. It’s cute, but what does it communicate? I tell you, Carl is leaving us behind. Soon we will be the “little people” he knew before he became a star.

I blame myself, though I did not intend the harm. Now I lay awake at night with questions pounding in my head. What kind of creature have I unleashed upon the world? What monster have I sent, howling, into the dark night?

Please keep us in your thoughts. Perhaps hope will reverse the situation and save the world from C-dog, as he now refers to himself.


Thank you, Rachel, for the excellent renditions. I know that you had no hand in the sordid details of what has taken place.

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