Carl the Conqueror, No More?



Hi, it’s me, Carl the Great, Carl the Conqueror, C-dog. Oh, I guess I should say simply–Carl.

            While re-reading the excellent book, The Five Names, by Robert Hansen, I learned something important—along with Inkie. In chapter 7 (titled, Ox, Bull, or Sheep) Inkie was presented with this rhyme:

I am the door you must go through.

Select the animal most like you.

Choose wrong and go back far.

Until you find out who you are.

The situation was filled with fright, but Inkie knew he must select the correct animal in order to continue his journey. He so wanted to choose the Ox or the Bull, since they were strong and fearless—like C-dog. Sorry, that just slipped out. But Inkie remembered humility and reasoned that he might be small, and full of fright—like a silly sheep.

Which one did Inkie choose? Read the book and find out.

Anyway, because of that chapter, I, Carl, learned something. Perhaps Inkie would have said to me, “You have become un-humble.”

He would be right. Though I hurt no one in the process, I did puff myself up into a bloated balloon that popped!

Don’t worry about me. I have learned that being an ordinary dog with his paws on the rock is better than being a celebrity dog standing on quicksand.

I am currently on the Oregon coast, taking a few days to collect myself. I shall soon return as an average Pembroke Welsh Corgi with an interest in astronomy and skateboarding.

Thank you for your patience,



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1 Response to Carl the Conqueror, No More?

  1. Everyone can be forgiven a little slip from time to time, Carl. No doubt a beach retreat will restore proper perspective and the natural humility exhibited by the truly great.

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