Career Change?

When Carl returned from Oregon he was himself again, seeming to have no lingering effects from his brush with delusional pride. That being said, there was something about his demeanor. I waited for Carl to say what was troubling him. But eventually curiosity won out over patience and I said, “What’s eating at you?”

Carl hung his head. “It’s about my career.”

“Despite what happened, I still consider you my publicity manager.”

His smile returned. “Thank you for that. But I mean my other career.”

I scanned my brain but didn’t come up with more than guesses. “Astronomer?”




“World record holder for the longest continuous smile?”

“Still no. I mean my former hope to become a professional skateboarder.”

“Yes, I should have guessed. But why have you eliminated that possibility?”

“When in Oregon, I took a hike and happened on a half pipe. At first I was excited, having never actually seen one. But as I examined the structure, I determined it simply wouldn’t work. The angles, the math, they simply doesn’t add up. Here, let me show you the picture I took.”

It didn’t take long to determine the problem. “Carl, this is a piece of bark.”

He looked at me, quizzically.

Trying to get my point through, I repeated, “Bark—bark!”

 He replied, “You know that it’s an insult to mimic a dog, don’t you?”

I didn’t know where to go from there. “I apologize.”

“Apology accepted. Anyway, I suppose there are still a number of career possibilities from which to choose.”

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