What’s in the Garage?

Carl had another engagement and so wasn’t able to go with our family to a community-wide garage sale. He was, however, quite interested in our excursion. “Did you purchase any—items?” His countainance oozed anticipation.

I knew where he was headed but feigned innocence. “What type of items?”

“Oh, I don’t know…. Maybe something—crunchy.”

I set a smile to my face. “You mean to ask if we happened on a garage filled with the remaining inventory from a dog biscuit manufacturer who went out of business?”

Carl panted. “Yes, yes, oh please, yes, yes.”

“I’m afraid not, however, something equally exciting happened.”

But Carl’s features sank and his breathing slowed.

“I discovered a new method of marketing.”

His head tilted down and he replied, “That is exciting.”

“Carl, sarcasm doesn’t suit you.”

“I’m sorry. Tell me about it.”

“Well, whenever we were about to close a sale, I said, ‘We will buy this if you accept one of my business cards, directing you to Roberthansen.net where you can peruse Bob’s Blog.”

“You mean, Bob’s Glob.”

“Carl, it’s pronounced, ‘Blog.’”

“Let me see if I have this straight. You get a new visitor to your website. They get to sell some of their stuff, which apparently doesn’t include any dog biscuits. Everyone is happy—except the dog. What does the dog get?”

I couldn’t help but pity Carl. “Let’s see if we find something for you.”

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