The ever-smiling look on Carl the Corgi’s face may fool the average person, but, as his owner, I know that he is often devising new marketing ideas for his favorite book, The Five Names by Robert Hansen.

Just the other day, the creativity bubble grew to its maximum, then it burst. “Eureka! I have it!”

My heart skipped a couple of beats. “What is it, great dog friend?”

“All we need to do is declare that your books are legal tender.”


“It says on our paper money, ‘This note is legal tender for all debts, public and private.’ We simply stamp a similar statement on copies of your book. Then we sell them for $40.00 each.”

“For that much?”

“Well, The Five Names is a valuable, insightful book. Where else can you find that combination of entertainment and wisdom?”

I couldn’t disagree with that.

“Our customers will love the price. The book will have a face value of $50, so they will make $10 on every purchase.”

“How will the Electric Company feel about getting paid with books instead of with a check?”

“They’ll be excited. For one thing, there is a lot more paper in a book than a check, therefore, it is more valuable. Besides that, reading the book will make them laugh. How many funny checks have you read?”

 “Carl, you are a genius.”

“I wouldn’t say, ‘genius,’ but I might say, ‘near-genius.’”

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1 Response to Currency

  1. Amazing how Carl can make that plan sound perfectly logical and reasonable. It’s essentially a license to print money. Not sure the government will go along with it though. But don’t worry. If you and Carl end up in a federal prison, I’ll come visit you.

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