Pie ‘N Pi


Carl here with a tip for those who want to buy my master’s book, The Five Names, but are short on cash.

When you go to the store (probably to buy your faithful dog premium doggy biscuits) pay with paper money. When you get home, put the coins you got back in a box. This proven method is an efficient way to save up for important purchases. I estimate that the average family will have sufficient funds in one-and-a-half weeks (if buying the Kindle version for $3.99).

It will take a bit longer if you prefer a paper copy ($8.99). Again, I’m only estimating but the amount of time will be approximately 3.141592653589793 weeks. This, of course is what’s referred to as “pi weeks.”

I like pies, especially strawberry-rhubarb. I also like chocolate pies but there are nasty rumors circulating that dogs can’t digest chocolate. I suspect a conspiracy by humans who fear that the worldwide chocolate supply is shaky and they want to keep the sweets for themselves.

Naturally, pies are extra special when eaten on pi day, March 14th (3-14, get it?). But I never turn down a pie no matter if it’s pi day or just a pie day.

So, there you have it, my tip on buying the book. Of course, you could always whip out the credit card and sink deeper in debt. The read is worth it.


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2 Responses to Pie ‘N Pi

  1. Barbara says:

    So the perfect scenario would be to eat pie while reading your book?

  2. I’m currently reading a novel called “The Life of Pi”. One could argue that it would be the more perfect book to read while eating pie. Sorry, Carl, but then I’ve already read “The Five Names.” I think it works with or without pie.

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