Recently, a kitten found a temporary home in our house. I didn’t plan on naming him, since he was temporary.

Carl thought that everyone, no matter how temporary, should have a name. With a keen eye, he examined the kitten. “This one is going to cause lots of trouble. His name will be, ‘Pool.’”

It was an odd name and I could tell by the mischief in Carl’s eyes that his name selection involved a riddle. I eventually figured it out, but I won’t say how long it took. For your convenience I have provided clues. It would be fun to hear from you and see who solved the riddle using the least number of clues. The question again? Why did Carl choose the name, ‘Pool’? Here are the hints:

1. not water

2. rhyme

3. River City

4. “with a capitol…”

5. “stands for…”

6. old movie

7. musical

In next week’s post I will reveal the answer. In the meantime, would any of you like to share your lives with this fine feline? Isn’t he cute?

A late update: Pool has found a new home. The best part? He lives nearby so we can visit him, but someone else will be feeding him.

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11 Responses to Pool

  1. Chris & Laurie Hansen says:

    Yes, we are the new custodial household…but, didn’t you agree to having him every other weekend? We thought we had shared-custody? Also, we expect to see our first “kitty-support” check in the mail any day now.

    P.S. He now goes by the name of Scout…or Skitz, to the kids.

  2. Chris & Laurie Hansen says:

    Yes, we are the new custodial household…but we thought you agreed to having him every other weekend!?! Isn’t that shared custody? In that case, we expect to see our first “kitty-support” check in the mail any day now!

    P.S. He now goes by the name “Scout”…or “Skitz” to the kids.

    • In the world of cat-dealings there are no take-backs. Therefore, there is no check in the mail. As to the potential names, I find that they lack a certain, shall we say, splash.

  3. Libby says:

    Hi Uncle Bob, this is Libby. I used the first three hints before I got the name…it´s from the Music Man.
    ¨ Trouble, oh we got trouble,
    Right here in River City!
    With a capital “T”
    That rhymes with “P”
    And that stands for Pool,
    That stands for pool.¨

  4. Barbara says:

    So animals come to your home and you find good homes for them. Is Carl nervous? Does he fear he will be the next to go. I mean anyone that can send away that cute a kitten–can the dog be far behind?

    • Barbara, thank you for your comment. Reading it has solved a bit of a mystery. Carl has been acting quite nervously the past few hours. Now I know why. Apparently he read your comment before I could hide it. On the bright side, he has been unusally obedient.

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