Last week I presented you with a riddle that was inspired by Carl’s interesting kitten-naming skill. According to the return reports, two of you solved the riddle by the third clue. Good job! Here is the key to the puzzle:

Trouble, oh we’ve got trouble Right here in River City With a capitol “T” That rhymes with “P” And stands for pool That stands for pool

 The words are from the musical “The Music Man.” The word “pool” refers to billiards, which relates back to trouble, which Carl related to the kitten’s antics. Hope that clears up the mystery.


Within the comments from last week’s post was a note from the new kitten-owners. Among other things, they mentioned a couple of alternate names which they quite casually adopted. I have been waiting for the public to respond with appropriate outrage at the inferior substitutes. I have been waiting—and waiting—and waiting.


Carl, in accordance with his duties as Promotions Manager, has informed me to be prepared for an in-depth interview that will appear in next week’s blog post. He instructed me to “fill the gap with something.” Since last week’s riddle was so well received I thought I’d try another one. The following picture contains the clue (I hope this isn’t too easy). The caption reads, “Carl, being a Corgi, had difficulty understanding certain human idioms.”

Question: What is the idiom to which this refers?

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3 Responses to Idioms

  1. The riddle is made infinitely more difficult by the fact that you apparently changed your mind about giving us a picture for a clue.

  2. Mark Bjorklund says:

    What about the idiom that forgot to post the picture?

  3. Rachel says:

    Hmm, thinking it looks like “Making a mountain out of a molehill.” 🙂

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