The Idiom and the Idiot


It has been lovingly pointed out that something was missing from my last post. One person put it this way, “The riddle is made infinitely more difficult by the fact that you apparently changed your mind about giving us a picture for a clue.”

I thought of saying, “Yes, it is more difficult, but a person of superior intelligence would still be able to….” Or I could blame it on Carl…. But I can’t take either of these approaches. Truly, I’m not certain what happened. The picture was there on my view as I was creating the post, but it disappeared along the way to becoming an official segment of Bob’s Blog. For that, I apologize. I have corrected the post, though a number of you already read the “idiotic version.” I will also attach the image to this brief post.  

Again, please accept my apologies. For a brief moment I was an idiot, but hopefully I can recover.


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