The temperature reached 99 degrees. We had journeyed far and Carl, especially, showed the strain. His conversation consisted mostly of nonsense. Finally we found a cooler spot and our Corgi’s legs gave out.

            It must have been a half hour before he revived. In groggy tones he asked, “Are we in Rome?”


            “But I see Caesar’s Palace.”

            Carl was right, but, of course, he was also wrong. I said, “Rest a bit more.” Carl was eventually able to stand and he became quite excited. “At least they have provided a cool pool for overheated canines.” Almost immediately, his excitement peeked. “And it comes with a shower.”

            It fell to me to break the news. “I’m afraid they don’t allow dogs in the water.”

            Carl moaned and collapsed. 


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1 Response to Fountain

  1. Beth Vice says:

    This cracks me up! Just what I needed today. It has been a Monday in every sense of the word. Thanks, Bob.

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