During a discussion about marketing approaches, Carl interjected, “I climbed the Matterhorn once. It’s like climbing the ‘mountain’ of a successful blog.”

I was dumbfounded.

“I think we should let people know how the climbing process is going—you know, how many view we’ve had and which posts have been the most popular. That way, if our readers missed any of the top ones, they can go back and check them out.”

“An excellent idea from a very smart pet.”

 Here’s the info: We’ve had nearly 2000 views. The following stories were the most frequently read:

1—The Most Interesting… 6-5-11

2—Pool 8-14-11

3—Dog Overboard 6-12-11

4—Carl the Conqueror no more? 6-16-11

5—In the Carl Galaxy 5-30-11

Deserving of Honorable mention: The Origins of Marshmallows—7-24-11

Enjoy the look-back.

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