Carl’s version:

“I was watching a TV show when I learned about a near-earth asteroid that contains an immense amount of gold. Naturally, I thought of Robert Hansen’s book, The Five Names. I realized that if I could wrestle that asteroid down to earth, we could offer a chunk of gold with every book purchase, thus boosting sales considerably.

“I deemed that a catapult would be the best way to thrust myself in to outer space and capture the gold. While searching for parts to complete my launching-devise, I became entangled in a strange apparatus. That’s my story.”


Robert’s version:

“It never fails. Every time we make custard, it’s the same. We try to hide it, or cover up the aroma, but Carl’s nose is so finely-tuned. Well, this time, while searching the kitchen, he became tangled up. Caught—red pawed! (dog version of ‘red-handed’)

“I’ll still share my custard with Carl, but this time he won’t be eating all of it.”

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