Rejected Ideas

Not every idea that Carl comes up with for promoting my book, The Five Names, is a winner.

Rejected idea number one: Carl said, “We could tell everyone that if they don’t buy one of your books I will bite one of their ankles. Right one or left, it doesn’t matter to me.”

Carl, that so negative. And, it’s not at all like you. You are kind and generous, not liable to hurt a fly.”

“Well, I have nipped at a few mosquitoes in my day. But, all-in-all, you are correct. I suppose no one would believe that threat.”

Rejected idea number two: Carl said, “We could tell them that a giant bunny rabbit has taken me captive and is demanding a ransom. He will only release me after a dozen cases of the latest book have been purchased.”

“Honestly, Carl, do we need to resort to trickery?”

“This is advertizing,”

An acceptable idea: I said, “Why don’t we tell them what readers have said?”

“Like what?”

“Like the person who said, ‘I don’t usually read books in the fantasy genre, but I really enjoyed, The Five Names.’

“That’s a good one.”

“Or the reader who said, ‘The book reminds me of, The Chronicles of Narnia.’”

“That’s wonderful company.”

“Then it’s agreed? No negative advertizing?”

“Agreed—at least for now.”


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