Biscuit Tug-of-war

Carl said, “May I have a premium doggy biscuit—please.”

I saw his wagging tail and his eager smile, but replied, “Carl, do you know how many you’ve already had?”

“I haven’t been counting, but I don’t want to say why.”

“Well, you are at your limit.”

Carl’s smile didn’t fade. “That’s alright. If you feel like you should turn down a simple request from your loyal friend, go ahead. I can live without it. Case closed.”

Somehow, I doubted that.

“Did I mention that I’ve been re-reading your excellent book, The Five Names?”

“No, you didn’t.”

“Well, I have. And I didn’t make it through the first paragraph before coming upon an interesting point.”

“That would be…?”

“Can I have a biscuit?”


Carl didn’t pause. “In the part called, The Author’s Confession, you said that despite having never met Inkie, or visiting Idmar, you ‘posses quite an intimate knowledge of both him and the pace in which he lived.’ You seem to intimate that you have ‘sources.’ Can I have a biscuit?”


“I’ve read the entire book, several times, (good job, by the way) and have found no answer to this mystery.”

“That’s because you haven’t read the third book. There’s a character in it who will…. Oops.”

Carl’s face lit up. “You mean to tell me that there are other books in the series?”

“Well, ah, there might be. I mean it’s possible that…. But please don’t….”

Carl said, “Do you know what premium doggy biscuits are good for besides filling my stomach?”


“Gluing my mouth shut. Now, can I please have a biscuit?”

I suppose you can guess what my answer was.

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1 Response to Biscuit Tug-of-war

  1. W. R. Woolf says:

    This made me giggle 🙂
    It seems dangerous to keep Carl from his biscuits 😉
    Your book sounds interesting, I’m off to read the excerpt…

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