Grand Canyon

Location: TheGrand Canyon

Carl said, “I just hate it when small animals parade their cuteness about—pompous flaunting, that’s what it is.”

I replied, “You have been known to ham it up in front of the camera.”

“Well, of course I have, but it’s for a good cause.”

“That would be…?”

“I’m promoting your book, The Five Names.

“And I appreciate it, Carl. I’m certain that your efforts have resulted in a number of sales, the exact quantity of which would be difficult to calculate.”

“Speaking of promotional opportunities, why don’t we get a shot here?” Carl jumped up onto the rail. “The vastness of the Grand Canyon will remind people of the staggering scope of your story.”

I aimed, the camera clicked and I showed him the result.

“This will not do.”

“Why not? It’s a fine rendition showing the scale of the gorge.”

In an agitated voice, Carl replied, “The dog, what happened to the dog?”

To satisfy my Corgi, I made a few camera adjustments and re-shot.

Carl said, “Much better. This picture will sell books.

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