Nuclear Bomb

When Carl and I visited theNationalNuclearTestingMuseum, we started out together. But soon he had rushed ahead. This was to be expected. Carl just doesn’t have the patience to read all the exhibit captions.

When he came dashing back, the expression on his face told me he had another of his big ideas.

“I know how we can double the sales of your book, The Five Names.

“In my case, doubling is not very impressive.”

Carl snickered, then said, “What if we could increase sales by two megatons!”

“Impressive, but how?”

“Elementary marketing theory—explosions sell products.”

“You just made that up.”

“And I, Carl, can give you the biggest explosion in history. I’ve made friends with a nuclear bomb. Sure, the sign on the wall says he’s retired. But if we put together the right package, I believe he can be persuaded.”

“That will never work. There is a reason the bomb is no longer in use. IT’S DANGEROUS!!!!”

“I’ll offer him a case of autographed copies. He’ll be convinced.” Carl voice slipped into the tones he uses when he’s in his own world. “Think of the marketing spinoffs: Five Names Sunburn Ointment, Carl’s Anti-Radiation Elixir. The possibilities are endless.”

When Carl gets going like that, there are only a few ways to stop him. I cut our museum visit short and headed to the nearest, In and Out Burger. Carl was still jabbering (about network news coverage) up until he slurped the first sip of his vanilla milkshake.




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