The Score

 “Carl, what are you doing?”

“The score.”

“March madness? The final four?”

Carl looked at me peculiarly.

“I didn’t know you followed basketball.”

“I don’t.”

“Then why are you listening for the score on the radio?”

“I’m working on the score.”

“There isn’t a lot you can do about that. It’s pretty much up to the players?”

Carl scrunched up his face. “Do you mean the musicians?”

I was totally baffled. “Carl, are you talking about the pep band?”



I took us sometime to unravel the situation. As it turns out, Carl was working on the musical score for the movie version of The Five Names. I momentarily thought Carl had sold the cinematic rights for my fine novel. But he said he just didn’t want to leave things to the past minute.

The good news, then, is that these rights are still available, should any of you wish to invest in this excellent opportunity.


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