The Five Names — The Restoration Chronicles, book 1

The Five Names book coverInkie feels commonly comfortable in his ordinary life—until that awful, curious thought. “Oh fright.” Now his mind struggles to not-think the things he is thinking: What is beyond the forbidden fence that surrounds my home town? Can he dare to search for the answer? It would be a bogglingly scary task, not the type of thing a healthy-minded Lomen would be interested in, or good at. Still…. Inkie’s journey takes him into the frightful unknown. His quest is to find the true and original meanings of five names. Along the way, he overcomes many weaknesses; sometimes the cost is great and fearful.At the end of his quest, he meets the one called Enslaver. But, is this the being’s true name, or is Enslaver one of the changed names?
Inkie’s journey is our journey. Read an excerpt

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Why Can’t Women Understand Men? We’re so Simple

Robert Hansen's book title "Why Can't Women Understand Men? We're so Simple"

Robert Hansen has collected dozens of stories relating to the quirks of life that seem to continually happen around him. As an example, he offers the following comment from his wife, “It’s a good thing I didn’t see you eat a salad before we got married.” That was the simple statement that opened Bob Hansen’s door to the world of humor.Bob freely admits that much of his humor has its roots in the glorious, though often puzzling, differences with which God has blessed the genders. It is these differing points of view that add spice to what would otherwise be a dull life. This book is a celebration of those baffling peculiarities.

A Bully’s Doom

Robert Hansen's book - "A Bully's Doom"

Griffith shows up at school one day to find that the substitute teacher for his English class is an old man. Griff figures he can bully the old guy just like he does everyone else in the school. But as the teacher begins to tell a story Griffith is drawn into the strange adventure. He is about to learn what it means to be bullied.An intriguing story which deals with a growing problem in our schools. The Whisperer, through the power of storytelling has the uncanny ability to engage Griffith, and egocentric student who only knows the power of his own will and dominance. Readers will be on the sidelines hoping but wondering how the bully will get what he has coming to him. Oh the power of a good story!